• Pre employment, Random, Post Accident, Return to Duty, Follow Up, and Reasonable Suspicion Drug/Alcohol testing.
  • Testing Conducted in a professional, unobtrusive manner that maintains client confidentiality, privacy, and uninterrupted workflow.
  • Develop workplace drug and alcohol programs at company discretions to include:
  1. Policy & Procedures 
  2. Drug and Alcohol testing
  3. Employee Education
  4. Supervisor Training
  • Creation of specific detection lab panels
  • Customizable drug collection types, including Urine, Oral, Hair, and Rapid (instant urine result).

Non DOT Testing
​(Not Regulated by The Department of Transportation)


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Drug testing is not limited to Federally regulated industries. We can develop and effective and budget friendly Non-DOT testing program to suit your specific needs.

Even if you already participate in a DOT testing program, Non-DOT testing can also be beneficial. Many substances of abuse are not "picked up" or tested for using standard DOT drug panels. One of our Non-DOT panels combined with an effective policy can help fill this gap.

At BEM Enterprises, the following Non DOT Services are available:

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